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This informative new website is designed to showcase the many, diverse businesses on the Rackheath Industrial Estate, raising public awareness of the companies and the services they provide. It is also aimed at informing businesses on the estate of one another's services, whilst featuring the latest news and fascinating historical facts.

Not only will you find companies' contact details, but also descriptive paragraphs, feature pages and web links, so that you can learn more about the businesses that are of interest to you. Whether you are running a business yourself, are a potential customer or just interested in learning more about this thriving estate, this will definitely be of interest to you.

Where is the Rackheath Industrial Estate?

The Rackheath Industrial Estate lies approximately 3 miles to the northeast of Norwich. The village of Rackheath is situated on the A1151, which runs from Norwich to Wroxham, and it is from there that the turning for the Industrial Estate can be found.

Formerly an airfield, an American Air Force Base in the Second World War, Rackheath Industrial Estate has continued to grow since the early businesses arrived in the 1960s.   Go to Map >

Associated Companies

Associated Companies

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Rackheath Business Exchange

Estate Map - an interactive map of the Rackheath Industrial Estate, on which viewers can click on a unit to access the relevant company information.

Estate History - pages featuring the history of the Rackheath Industrial Estate, with members of the public encouraged to contribute their stories.

Estate Information - For example: How Roads Were Named, a page explaining why certain roads were given their names.

News Column - a column featuring any news relevant to the Rackheath Industrial Estate, or the individual companies operating from it.

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